Made in Greece for 40 years!




FEST holds 52% of the Greek market share, while offering high quality products covering the needs of the modern household for easy cooking.

To ensure the high quality of our cookware Fest has entered into cooperation with famous foreign companies such as Chemours, Weilburger, Pyrex, FBM and domestic like EL.V.AL. for the supply of raw materials. The Non-stick Teflon coating from Chemours is used exclusively in Greece from Fest to produce non-stick cookware.

The FEST non-stick products are made of special 99.5% purity aluminum alloy of Greek origin. It is specially designed to perfectly touching the hob ensuring uniform 

The certified non-stick coating TeflonTM Classic  from Chemours guarantees excellent non-stick properties and incredible durability in daily use.heat distribution to cooking at a low temperature without wasting unnecessary energy.

Also all FEST non-stick cookware are PFOA, cadmium and lead free and are environmentally friendly as all products are recycled.





*TEFLONTM is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LCC, used under license by YALCO - SOCRATES D. CONSTANTINOY AND SON S.A.