Roasted Beef Liver with Smoked Paprika

Roasted Beef Liver with Smoked Paprika


Fest Magic non stick deep frypan N26 cm – Click here

Materials for 4 people

4 slices of beef liver

6 kg sweet smoked paprika (or medium or hot depending on your tastes)

2-3 tbsp. olive oil

½ liter of milk for marinating

salt, pepper olive oil for serving


1. Put the liver in a bowl of milk and leave it in the fridge for at least half an hour.

2. Take it out, wipe it well with a paper towel and leave it to dry for a few minutes at room temperature.

3. Add the smoked paprika to each side, sprinkling it evenly.

4. Put Fest non stick frypan on the hot plate at medium to high heat. In 3 minutes, after it heats up, add a little olive oil.

5. Once the oil has burned and started to steam, carefully place the slices of liver. You will notice that they immediately begin to shrink and the same will happen on the other side, after the first turn.

6. Turn the slices of the liver with a tongs (not with a fork that will pierce them) every 1 minute at the beginning and after the first turn, lower the heat to medium to low so that the outer surface does not turn too black. The ideal from now on is to turn the slices every 30 ”.

7. The liver will not need more than 5 to a maximum of 6 minutes to be ready, and only if your slices are thicker.

8. Once it is ready, transfer it to a wooden cutting board. Cover with foil and let it rest for 4-6 minutes before cutting. This point in the process is crucial to the outcome.

CAUTION: If you cut the liver before the rest process is complete, a lot of liquid will be gone. But if you follow our instructions, these liquids will remain in each bite, making it juicy and tasty and in addition a little “red” will be poured on the cutting wood.

9. The last part of the process is cutting into thin slices with a good carving knife at an angle. Immediately after, add good grated salt and pepper, sprinkle with a line of fresh olive oil and serve the slices of chopping board.


Make sure there is oil on the table so that everyone can add extra oil to the dish to create a sauce and of course grated salt and pepper. Grated carrot with a little olive oil (just enough to tie it), a little lemon, grated parmesan and plenty of freshly ground pepper.

Source: Caruso.gr