Green Beans

Green Beans


Fest Magic non-stick casserole N26cm – click here

Fest Integra chopper with spout (for onion and tomato) – click here

Ingredients (for 4 people)

1 kg of unclean beans wide = 850gr. cleaned
1 large potato cut into squares
1 carrot in half slices
1. Chopped onion
250 gr. grated tomato
1/2 Cup chopped parsley
400 ml of hot water
1 tbsp. sugar
70 ml. Virgin olive oil for cooking and 50ml. extra virgin for serving
Salt Pepper


1. Wash the beans and then clean them by cutting both ends. If they have nerves (capillary fibers on the side) that you feel resisting the cut, remove them as well.

2. In Fest’s non stick casserole put the oil to warm in medium temperature. Once warmed, add onion, potatoes and carrot to sauté for 5-7 minutes, stirring. Add a tablespoon of sugar as well.

3. Add the beans and stir well for about 8 minutes in high temperature.

4. Add the grated tomato sauce and 400 ml. hot water and stir. After boiling, lower the heat to medium to simmer with the lid open.

5. In 20 ‘add salt ,pepper and parsley and mix well. Depending on the fire  the amount of water will gradually decrease and in theory, in 15 ‘minutes, the beans will be ready and crispy.

Leave the food for at least 15 minutes before serving, let it come to room temperature. If you like, add fresh extra virgin olive oil and fresh pepper and serve with good bread and feta.
 Source caruso.gr