Risoto with Safran

Risoto with Safran


Fest Lithos non-stick frypan with lid N28cm. – click here
Fest Integra chopper with spout – click here

Ingredients (for 4 people)

1 chopped onion
50 gr. butter
400 gr. rice for risotto
100 ml. White wine
1.5-2 liters of hot chicken broth (either homemade or from 1 refrigerator jelly)
1 pinch with 30-40 saffron stamens
50-70 gr. butter
70-100 gr. grated parmesan or granna
Freshly ground pepper


1.Use Fest Integra chopper with spout to chop the onion.Put the saffron in a shot with boiling water to bring out its aromas and color. Prepare the broth and keep it  hot. Remove the butter and grated parmesan from the fridge and measure the rice in the right portion.

2. In a large deep Fest’s non-stick frypan put the butter to melt in medium heat. Once melted, add the onion to saute for 3 minutes, to get color, stirring occasionally.

3. In about 3 minutes, increase the heat to maximum and add the rice to sauté in the butter for half a minute.

Then the classic process begins with the addition of a spoonful of broth, stirring until the rice drinks the liquid and again adding the next spoonful.

As time goes on, the starch comes out of the rice grains that get liquid and the risotto slowly sticks.

4. Ten minutes after you can add the glass of white wine by continuing the process of adding broth and stirring.

5. In about 12 minutes, add the basic ingredient which is the saffron stamens in their water. Be sure to stir the shot a little before pouring it into the risotto so that all the stamens, which tend to stick to the glass, fall off. Stir in the mixture and watch the whole risotto change color, while the aroma of saffron begins to break your nose.

6. Continue the process normally, putting the broth as soon as the liquids are saved and stirring. You see more and more rice fermenting, so check your timer when you’re in your 15th minute and then start trying some rice grains to see how long they stand or if they’re soft enough to finish cooking. If the broth is saved during the process, don’t worry, add a little boiling water.

7. In 17 minutes, the rice will have been sufficiently cooked and the grains will be pleasantly eaten, although they will be kept in the center. You will then remove  Fest’s non-stick frypan from the heat and add the last tablespoon of broth. Immediately after the butter and you will mix. Add the parmesan and you will stir constantly for half a minute as in front of your eyes you will see how the texture of the risotto becomes creamy and viscous. With a little grated fresh pepper on top, it is now ready and delicious for immediate serving.


The risotto should be eaten immediately, just a few minutes after it is ready. Serve from Fest’s non-stick frypan, directly on the dishes. Make sure there is a pepper mill and some extra parmesan on the table.

Source: Caruso.gr