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Ingredients (for 4 )

(The list of vegetables are indicative rather than absolute, depending on individual taste and on which vegetables are in season)

4 courgettes
2 aubergines
1 carrot
1 onion½  leek
3 potatoes, unpeeled
½ cauliflower
1 celery stalk
1-2 different kinds of sweet peppers (eg sweet pointed peppers and orange peppers)
½ fresh hot pepper or 3-4 dried chillies or ¼ tsp. chilli flakes
½ tbsp. Szechuan pepper
200 g tin chopped tomatoes or 2 fresh tomatoes in season, sliced
2-4 cloves of garlic, crushed
Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil or oregano (These are optional. I myself don’t add them, because it distracts me from the taste of vegetables and thus to my mind detracts rather than adds taste)
100 ml. extra virgin olive oil
100 ml. white wine
salt and pepper


1. Preheat the fan oven to 180ºC.

2. Wash all the vegetables and one by one cut them into the appropriate size, as follows:

Courgettes – approx.1 cm thick slices.
Aubergines – approx. 1 cm thick slices, then cut the slices into 4 or 6 pieces 2-3 cm long, depending on the size of the slice.
Carrots – thin 2-3 mm thick slices.
Onions –peel and quarter.
Leek – approx.1.5 cm thick slices.
Potatoes – 2-3 mm thin slices.
Cauliflower – florets, about 5 cm.
Celery – 2-3 mm thin slices.
Sweet peppers – slices 0.5 cm thick.
Fresh hot peppers – finely chopped.

3. Mix the cut vegetables in Fest non stick oven plate. Add the tomato sauce, Szechuan pepper, sugar, olive oil and wine, salt and pepper and stir again. Place the Fest non stick oven plate in the oven on a medium shelf.

4. After 1 hour, stir the ingredients again and then every 20 minutes, until the potatoes begin to brown on their edges, which will be after a total of about 2 hours, depending on the oven. If you want the vegetables to be crispier, put them under a hot grill for 5 minutes and then remove the pan from the oven and leave it to cool for at least 15 minutes before serving.


Take the Fest non stick oven plate to the table and serve from there, because nobody ever ate just one helping! It should be accompanied by good quality feta cheese and delicious bread!


Source: Caruso.gr