Non Stick Coffee Pot , Gas Νο5 Magic Fest

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Non stick aluminum coffee pot No5 coated with Teflon Classic guaranteed by The Chemours Co.Suitable for preparing hot beverages and your Greek Coffee quickly without loosing its taste and smell.


Features :
  • High quality of non stick aluminum cookware.
  • Suitable for Gas hot plate.
  • Dish washer machine safe.
1.Before the first use, wash the utensil with warm water and coat its inner side with oil or butter.
2. Do not overheat the utensil while it is empty.
3.Cook at a medium temperature.
4. Do not use sharp objects to cut inside the utensil.
5. Use warm water, detergent for dishes and a soft sponge for cleaning.
6. The use of washing machine does not reduce the non-sticking properties of the utensil.
 7. The non-stick coating is in compliance with materials coming into contact with food.
Capacity : 0.380 lt
Outer Color Coating : Dark Grey
Inner Color Coating :Black
Made in Greece
SKU: 0061162