Ceramic Coating Induction Frypan Ν22 Balance Fest

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Balance in daily life

Fest Balance, a new, innovative line of environmentally friendly ceramic non-stick aluminum cookware, made from recycled* materials.

Fest Balance, the ultimate balance between high quality and sustainability. Their construction from recycled* raw materials makes cooking not only safe and healthy, but also environmentally responsible, thanks to the reduced pollutant footprint emitted during their production.

Fest Balance, with its impressive green color, upgrades the aesthetics of any kitchen, creating an elegant environment that encourages your creativity and well-being.

Fest Balance is more than a cookware line – it’s a statement for the modern kitchen that embraces a love of cooking, environmental protection and aesthetics.

*Recycled materials represents 71% min of the aluminum body and 100% of the packing.



Features :
  • Top quality ceramic coating for healthy and even cooking with less fat
  • Made from recycled materials, representing 71% min of the aluminum body and 100% of the packing
  • 100% recyclable product except handles
  • Heavy base suitable for induction ensures better performance at low temperature
  • Ergonomic heat resistant handle
  • Suitable for all hobs plus Induction
  1. Before first use and thereafter, hand wash in warm water with mild dishwashing liquid and a soft sponge. Then rinse with water and dry using a soft cloth or paper towel.
  2. Avoid using the dishwasher, as the water hardness and alkaline action of the detergents might reduce the non-stick properties.
  3. Do not overheat the pan when empty.
  4. It is recommended to cook at a medium temperature to prolong the life of the product.
  5. Not suitable for oven or microwave use.
  6. Never cut food directly on the surface with sharp utensils.
  7. The ceramic non-stick coating is in compliance with materials coming into contact with food.


Outer Coating Color: Green
Inner Coating Color: Green
Made in PRC
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