Cod with Mayonnaise

Cod with Mayonnaise


Fest Magic non-stick pot N24cm – click here

Fest Magic non-stick pan with glass lid N28 cm. – click here

Ingredients (for 6-8 people)

1.5 Mr. cod
200 gr. Peas
200 gr. Sliced ​​carrot
2 potatoes cut into small pieces
1 chopped celery stick
100 ml. White wine
30 gr. pickled cucumber
30 gr. capers

For the mayonnaise:

2 egg yolks
½ κ.γ. mustard
1 tbsp. white vinegar
400 gr. sunflower oil
50 ml olive oil
1 lemon, the juice
Salt Pepper


1. Preparation:

Leave at least two hours the eggs and lemon out of the fridge to get room temperature to make the mayonnaise later. Cut the celery, potatoes and pickled cucumber. Put in two Fest’s non-stick casseroles water and one tbsp. salt to boil and prepare Fest’s non stick semi deep casserole to cook the fish.

2. Put vegetables and fish to boil:

Use the one non-stick casserole to boil potatoes together with celery and the other to boil the peas together with the carrots. In Fest’s non stick semi deep casserole boil the water, put the fish and add wine and salt.

Potatoes with celery will take about 20 ‘ to boil while peas-carrots and fish are ready in about 15’. Take them all out from the casseroles and let them cool.

3. Make mayonnaise:

Put in Fest Integra chopper , you will put the mustard, the vinegar and the two yolks (all at room temperature) and mix them. Use the spout for liquid flowing to add the sunflower oil. Once all the oil is absorbed, add the olive oil  directly through the spout without stopping the operation of the chopper.

Then add ½ etc. salt, ⅛ etc. pepper and half a lemon juice from the spout and beat a little to mix the ingredients. Try the taste and correct. Put the mayonnaise in the fridge to cool.

4. Clean the fish:

Once the fish is cold, clean carefully the fish from the bones and skin.

5. Mix the fish with vegetables and mayonnaise:

Put in a bowl  the cleaned fish, potatoes, celery and a portion of peas and carrots, keeping a quantity for decoration. Add about half the mayonnaise, pickled cucumber and capers and mix them all together to form a thick, sticky mass.


On a large platter, create a volume with the filling, so that it passes as a fish shape. After it takes shape, cover the fish you created with mayonnaise on top. Then use carrots and peas to make eyes, mouth, cheeks and whatever else you want in the fish!

Put the plate in the refrigerator to tighten. If you keep it  for a few hours in the fridge, cover it carefully with a film so that the mayonnaise does not turn yellow.

Source: Caruso.gr