Ditalini pasta with Octopus

Ditalini pasta with Octopus


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Ingredients (for 6-8 people):

500 gr. ditalini pasta
400 gr. tomato sauce
1.5 kg octopus (one, two or three octopuses together)
1 large leek in slices
3 chopped onions
80 ml. olive oil
40 ml. red wine vinegar
1.4 liters of boiling water
For the spetseriko:

10 ml. sweet paprika (in spores)
2 ml grated allspice
5 ml. smoked paprika
1 ml. grated cardamom
2 ml. cumin
1 ml. hot paprika (boukovo)
7 ml. sugar
2 ml black pepper

2 Asteroid anise
5 Laurels
1 cinnamon peel stick


1. Prepare the octopus:

Clean the octopus, discarding the eyes, beak and everything in the hood. Place Fest’s non stick casserole on the hob in low temperature and after rinsing the octopus, put it inside. There, it will gradually boil in its juice. In the beginning  you will turn it every 5 ‘at the beginning you will turn it upside down every 5 ‘ to get color everywhere. Cover the casserole with the lid,so that the juices from the octopus will not evaporate.You will boil for

40′-1: 10’depending on the size of the octopus and until it softens.

2. Prepare the spetseriko:

Mix all the ingredients and not forget that it is always easy to add and impossible to remove, especially in hot items.

3. Saute the spices

After you have cut the leeks and onions, you start the sauce while the octopus is boiling. Put Fest’s non-stick semi deep casserole, in medium temperature and add the oil. When it burns a little, add the spetseriko and the rest of the spices (laurel, cinnamon, garlic). This process will take about 2 minutes.

4. Saute the vegetables:

Then add the leek and onion and lower the heat to low.

5. Add tomato sauce:

Cooking in low temperature in 20-25 ‘, leeks and onions will be honeyed so that the tomato sauce can be added. Let the sauce with the vegetables and spices boil for 4-5 minutes so that all the flavors bind. Turn off the heat and wait for the octopus to cook.

6. Cut the octopus:

To make sure the octopus is done, cut a piece and try. It must be chewy but easy to chew. Take the octopus out of Fest’s non-stick semi casserole and see that it has left about 300 gr. juice full of flavor. Leave the octopus for a while to reach a temperature that you can hold and cut into small bite slices.

7. Incorporate octopus and juice into the sauce:

Pour the precious juice and the octopus pieces into the sauce and put the semi deep casserole  again in medium temperature. Add the vinegar and let the food simmer with the lid open.

When the food has drunk most of the liquid, that is, in about 10-15 ‘you are ready for the final phase. Up to this point you can made the preparation of the food from the previous day.

8. Add ditalini pasta and water:

Add the ditalini pasta to the food and  1.4 liters of water as well. Be careful, do not use cold water because the final result will not come out correctly. Cook in medium temperature and  stirring frequent because the pasta could stick down, even in a non-stick casserole.

Ditalini past needs 12 minutes to be made, and will have drunk most of the water. But still will be some water left. This water will drink the food ,in few minutes .


Serve  few minutes after the food is ready. Do not add grated pepper before tasting, because we have a spicy cocktail that gives a spicy character.


Source: Caruso.gr