Wholegrain Pasta with Asparagus Pesto

Wholegrain Pasta with Asparagus Pesto


Fest Magic non-stick casserole N24cm – click here

Fest Magic non-stick wok N28 cm – click here

Fest Integra chopper with spout – click here


Ingredients (for 2 people)

500 gr. asparagus
300 gr. penne pasta
50 gr. Parmesan
60 gr. Pine
Juice of 1 lemon
30 ml. olive oil
Salt Pepper



1. Clean & boil the asparagus

In a non stick Fest casserole boil water. Clean the surface from the bottom, hard part of the largest asparagus, with a peeler.

When the water has boiled, add a tablespoon of salt and then the asparagus to boil for 3-4 minutes at most. Remove them with a pair of tongs and let them cool for 1-2 minutes. Keep the boil water in Fest’s non stick casserole as you will use it to boil the pasta.

2. Make the asparagus pesto

Cut 2-3 cm from the base of the boiled asparagus which is hard and throw it away. Also cut the tops that you will use them in the final dish. Cut the middle pieces of the asparagus stem into pieces and put them in the Fest Integra chopper.

Use the spout for liquids and solid food to add  the 50 gr. from pine nuts, olive oil, lemon juice. Mash them  for 1 minute and add the cheese . Mash again.

Finally, transfer the prepared asparagus pesto to a non-stick Fest wok to mix with the pasta when ready. Also add the rest of the pine nuts to keep it crisp on the bite.

3. Make the paste and tie with the sauce

Boil the asparagus water again and add the whole pasta. In about 6 minutes, put the Fest non-stick wok with the pesto in a medium temperature to heat and as soon as it starts to evaporate, add salt, pepper and 2-3 spoons of the pasta’s boiling water . In  9 minutes  the pasta is ready, pour it with a strainer into the pesto and while you are stirring, put the tops of the asparagus in the hot water to reheat.


Serve the penne on the plates and put the tops of the asparagus on top, grate fresh pepper and give the opportunity to add cheese, with grated granna.

Source : Caruso.gr