Βeef fillet with pepper sauce

Βeef fillet with pepper sauce


Fest Magic non stick frypan N28cm – click here

Ingredients ( for 2 people)

2 fillets  around 170-230 gr. each (alternatively two escalops = boneless steak)
1 tbsp. olive oil
25 gr. butter
2 fresh chopped onions
2 tbsp. various crushed peppers
100 ml. beef consomme
100 ml. whipping cream


A. Preparation:

Make a mix of peppers according to your tastes. Our recommendation is to definitely include pink and green peppers because they have strong aromas without being too hot. Ideally, add Szechuan pepper, which gives lemon aromas for the same reason. From there on we used black and white which are the two peppers in the mixture with the hottest taste which balance perfectly with the rest and especially after they go through the sautéing process.

In a mortar, break the pepper into smaller pieces. If you don’t have a mortar, put them all together in a bag and beat them with a wooden schnitzel hammer or the bottom of a non stick Fest fry pan. We don’t want them powder, but broken into irregular pieces to release their aromas in the sauce .

B. Bake the meat

1. Heat the  Fest non stick fry pan in high temperature for 2 minutes , then add the oil and the butter to melt and mix so that it doesn’t turn black. Once heated well, place the two fillets or escalope in the frypan.

Turn side every minute for about 5 minutes to make it medium rare (55C in the center).

When they are ready, remove them from Fest non stick fry pan and place them on a cutting board with a foil on top to rest and keep warm while you make the sauce.

C. Make the pepper sauce:

2. In the same Fest non stick fry pan, lower the heat and add the onions to saute for a minute and  add  the peppers to release their aromas. Immediately afterwards, add the broth to tie the aromas of the peppers with the meaty flavors. Your goal is to reduce the liquid so that the sauce is bound before the cream enters. It will take you about 1′-1’30 “.

3. Add the sour cream and mix well to incorporate all the leftovers from the cooking of the meat .
In a minute your sauce is ready, full of aromas and flavor.

4. Transfer the fillets / escalope either cut ‘tagliatelle’ into thin strips, or whole (depending on your taste) to their dishes and put the pepper sauce on top.


Apart from the potatoes that are the sure accompaniment for any meat, here you could also play with grilled or boiled green vegetables.