Farfalle with fresh Salmon,Broccoli and Sambuca

Farfalle with fresh Salmon,Broccoli and Sambuca


Fest Magic non-stick casserole N24 cm. – click here

Fest Magic non-stick frypan N30cm –  click here


Ingrendients (for 4 people)

500 gr. Farfalle
600 gr. salmon fillet (without bones)
50 gr. butter
250 gr. whipping cream
1 small broccoli cut into bouquets
2 asteroid anise
70 ml. Sambuca
1 tbsp. chives for decoration (optional)
Salt, grated pepper


1. Prepare the Broccoli:

Cut the broccoli into small bouquets and boil them in Fest’s non-stick casserole for only 5 minutes to soften them, but not completely ready. Drain and leave it, to incorporate it later into the sauce.

2. Boil the pasta

Put 5 liters of water in the Fest’s non-stick casserole to boil for the farfalle. Once it boils, salt it  (approx. 15 gr.) and add the pasta.Cook for 10 minutes.

3. Saute the salmon:

In a large Fest’s non-stick frypan (where you will place the pasta later), put the butter to melt. Add the asteroid anise to remove aromas gradually and immediately after, the salmon with the skin underneath. Leave it in this position for at least 3-4 minutes, fry the skin so that it comes out easily.

Turn the salmon upside down to complete the roasting and remove the skin. You will leave it like this for two minutes and then you will turn it over. In  6 minutes you will see the salmon colored everywhere meaning that it is ready.

4. Prepare the sauce:

Add the sambuca to the salmon and increase the heat to evaporate the liquids. Immediately after, add the cream and stir to incorporate with the sambuca  and butter, creating the sauce. In two minutes, add the broccoli, salt and pepper.

5. Add the pasta

Without straining, with a strainer spoon, transfer the pasta to Fest’s non-stick frypan (when entering, they will transfer some amount of boiled water which will help to diffuse the sauce into all the pasta and then to bind the sauce-pasta sauce).  Stir well for a minute in the Fest’s non-stick frypan, which is still heating, and break the salmon into pieces so that it mixes and easy to serve. Turn off the heat and transfer the non-stick frypan to the serving place.


Serve by sprinkling a little chives on top and plenty of fresh pepper. You don’t add cheese, even if you “like it”, because it will cover all the delicate flavors and generally does not suit fish pasta compositions.

Source: Caruso.gr